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Just the Facts

February 13, 2012

Decisions, I hate decisions. What is the best action plan for my terminally sick cat? What about this relationship which is good but not great? Could it be great if I tried? What about my job and advancement opportunities? What about moving on to a different place?

All of that can be overwhelming, especially if you’re facing a couple of those at once.  Situations like these are often very stressful and take over our life.  Instead of worrying or going through the “what am I going to do!” mantra, try this simple task:

See the situation as it is; nothing more, nothing less.

Remove the emotional attachments, remove the expectations, remove what other people think , or anything else that clouds the reality. Just the facts.

Often we embellish a situation to make it fit our needs or wants. When the situation doesn’t work as we expected, we feel as if we’ve lost something; something that was really never there.

Whether it’s dealing with a sick pet, a relationship, career change or some other situation with a lot of emotion and possibilities the one thing you need is the facts. Just the facts.  Get those and then you’ll have the clarity you need.  

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