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Steps to Problem Solving

January 9, 2012

I attended a critical thinking seminar last week and just had to share the information. I found the last point the “missing link” so I’m going to emphasize that one.

Steps to Problem Solving:

1) Identify the problem             2)Clarify the cause                     3)Make a decision

4)Ensure Success: Ensure success is where you consider all the things that could go wrong and make contingency plans ahead of time. NASA is an example of this concept in action. They consider everything that could go wrong and develop a plan before anything leaves the ground.

Most of our decisions are held back because of fear. What if this happens? What if this doesn’t work out? If we plan ahead for those “what ifs” then we can confidently move forward.

Thanks to whomever created these concepts and shared them. Hope you enjoy them as well.

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