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It’s July and time for a status check

July 11, 2011

Every New Years I participate in a ritual where I write down my intentions for the year and seal them in an envelope addressed to me. The church then mails out those letters around September and you can see how you did. It’s an interesting concept because once you write it down and hand it to someone else, you suddenly feel accountable. Even though the envelope is sealed, there’s that feeling of someone else has my list.

So here it is July and the year is half over, again!!  At work I have to complete regular status reports on my projects so why not do the same for my personal goals. I went where I do my best thinking; outside. I took an early morning walk on the beach and it was perfect for thinking everything through.

As expected, some things I’m making good progress and other items, I need to get going on. It was good check in now rather than wait till the end of the year and wonder what happened. Taking a status check on a regular basis is a great way to measure accomplishments as well as determine if a change in strategy is required.

If you’re working on achieving some intentions, go to your favorite thinking place and take some time to do a status check. You’ll probably be surprised at what you’ve done so far and can formulate plans for other success.   Just be sure to have fun with it….

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